I want my chicken!

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Our kids were playing with the toys that they found inside the Easter eggs that they collected from the Easter egg hunt event at our church.  Everything seemed to be going well, and we thought this probably was one of the best Easter egg hunting experiences for the kids…until they started arguing about one particular toy that our daughter seemed to have a hard time letting go.  It was a cute little parachute toy with chicken that you can toss in the air and see how it floats and lands.  See picture below.

Parachute chicken toy

She had three of them, and her brother had none.  They both wanted to play with the parachute chicken toy, and they started fighting over it 😊.  My wife suggested to our daughter that she traded one of the parachute chicken toys with another toy with her brother, but she felt that she needed to have all the parachute chicken toys as she found all the eggs that have those toys.  She had a really hard time letting one go.  She cried most of the afternoon and kept saying: “I want my chicken!”

Reflecting on my daughter’s struggle in letting go of her new favorite toy, it reminds me of my past experiences when I too had a hard time in letting go of something that seemed to be my favorite at that time, but God knows the best things for me or something that is much better than what I have now, and He wants to bless me with that.  I have seen them before - whether it was a job, relationship, home that we were trying to purchase, etc.  Somehow God closed those door(s) and asked me to let go of.  It was very hard when I had to let go of something that I thought was the best thing for me at that moment.

Eventually, I was able to release them, and found peace from God.  Later, when I saw His blessings that are much better than what I had before, I then realized that is why God wanted me to let go of my “parachute chicken toy” 😊.

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Tim Arifin is the CEO and co-owner of Kwatrus.com, an online store for Christian shirts with funny, bible verses, and encouragement quotes.  He lives in the Twin Cities with his wife Melissa, and their two children, and enjoy spending time as a family, healthy eating/exercising, travelling, and reading the bible/getting involved with their church.

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  • The story of kids fighting aptly fits the thought that letting go of our desires may be best for us in the long run.

    Jim Schacher on

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